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Data Loss Protection

Help secure your business sensitive data and uphold corporate security policies on endpoint hard drives using advanced opensource encryption and data prevention software techniques for rapid implementation of secure data points, along with support and superb data security management services.

Small portable devices are convenient but they have the potential to compromise your security. If left unencrypted, your endpoint devices can allow threats to slip in unseen and let sensitive data leak out.

Our Data Security Services for data loss protection is designed to help you improve endpoint security. With quick implementation, reliable managed security services and opensource software, we can help you protect sensitive data that is stored, accessed and transmitted on your devices with the benefit to:

  • Prevent data access when a device is lost or stolen
  • Protect sensitive data when stored, accessed, transmitted or shared
  • Enforce hardened policies at the end-user level
  • Block unauthorized and abusive behavior
  • Fully encrypt data on removable storage devices
  • Encrypt e-mail and instant message transmissions

We can help you implement all this in no time that can be completed with less risk with a lower total cost of ownership. Contact us to discuss your data protection needs today!

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